Sip & Play: Bluffing Games

We’re testing out a new event concept for the ‘of age’ adult crowd. Sip & Play is just like our Learn & Play events, but with libations, obviously.

Most 3&Up members and patrons are aware that we are a BYOB (and food) establishment*. We’re not talking about getting slammed and slurring your words during your favorite party game – save that for your next family reunion.

If you’re like us, when you crack open a game with friends you might also crack open your favorite adult beverage.  For some board game lounge patrons, a cold one and a hot game just go hand-in-hand.  Luckily, everyone who has brought their own beverage to 3&Up has done so with class and we appreciate that very much.

What kind of games go best with cocktails? Besides the obvious party games, we think bluffing games are a good match, especially for those who aren’t inherently good liars.   🙂

At this event you’ll find us playing Sheriff of Nottingham, Coup, Love Letter, The Resistance, Werewolf, and more (feel free to bring your personal favorite, too)!

So appoint a DD or get your Uber account in order, grab your favorite beverage, and join us on Friday, February 12th. The bluffing starts at 9pm and goes until close (between 1 and 2am). Admission is $10/person and $5 for members.

This is a private event and all guests will be checked in regardless of their membership status.

See you then!

*We will be checking IDs. You won’t be able to bluff your way into this event–we’re Love Letter experts!

Upcoming Event: Euro Night


We’re doing it again! Join us Saturday the 23rd for and event that will help you learn and play some of the best board games ever created, such as Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, and more.

Admission is $10/person ($5 for members), lasts from 7pm-close, and includes free pizza! Our game expert Alex will be on hand to teach and lead specific Euro games. Look out for the Facebook event so you can RSVP and easily invite your friends.