CONdensed LIVE from GenCon: Thoughts on JunkArt

*Photos and article by: Dylan Terry

When I was younger, I had a set of hand-made wooden blocks of various shape and color. I have fond memories sitting on the floor with my dad, building towers of these things and then laughing maniacally when I channeled my inner Godzilla.

JunkArt was dangerously close to reawakening that in me.

This is a tower-building game with competitive elements, slight randomization, and a serious need for trust between players to not bump the table, Tyler, what are you doing?

You play Junk Art like this:

Draw ten cards, which correspond to a block of a specific color and shape.

You take that shape and put it on your base.


You go through your ten cards, take the pieces, and stack a tower. If you lose a piece you lose a point, if you lose your tower you lose the game.

That may sound like it would get repetitive pretty quick, and you would be right if there weren’t other game modes than standard building. Each is named after a specific city (the first one we played was, fittingly, Indianapolis). I can’t recall the actual name of the one we did second, but I enjoyed it significantly more.

In this particular game mode, you give three of your block pieces to the person on your left. They place those pieces, then each player moves to the left and has to add on to the mess you tried to force on someone else.

JunkArt 2.jpg

I didn’t see what other game modes there were, but I imagine this would be a fun one to play with a group of friends. Just make sure you aren’t playing with someone who intentionally shakes the table, Tyler.

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