CONdensed LIVE from GenCon: Thoughts on Flash Dash

Photos and article by: Dylan Terry

You remember playing Capture the Flag in gym class, when the more athletic, popular kids could seemingly duck and dip between your clumsy grabs, snatch that t-shirt off its perch, and receive adulation and admiration from your fellow classmates while you eat your lunch alone in the corner?


            Huh, maybe it’s just me.

Flag Dash is a cute little game where you play teams of adults getting together to play Capture the Flag. With two members to a team, you control one runner each and share control of the Keeper to run across the no-man’s-land, steal the opposing flag, and take it back to your part of the board.


Character movement is planned and revealed simultaneously by assigning Order tokens (rated 1-6). The later tokens allow you to take special actions, like moving twice, playing another action card from your hand, or taking a Boost token (spent to immediately move 1 spot in any direction).

The demo I played lasted just ten minutes or so, but that was long enough for us to finish a game, and I enjoyed it. While it’s not really my cup of tea (give me Blood Bowl any day), this is a cute little game perfect for a family game night or for those looking for something tactical without being overwhelming.

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