CONdensed LIVE from GenCon: Thoughts on Star Trek- 5 Year Mission

*Photos and article by: Dylan Terry

Star Trek 5 Year Mission is the most distilled Star Trek board game I’ve seen. The mission I played with three others felt like running through an episode of the TV show. Each player gets a placard showing a character from the Original Series (or his/her Next Generation counterpart on the flip side). In the middle is the relevant ship, and three Alert decks in ascending riskiness of Blue, Yellow, and Red.



Each turn an Alert card is flipped, dice are rolled, and numbers are allocated to reduce damage to the ship, avoid drawing more Alerts, and score Victory Points to win the game. Each character has a unique ability to help accomplish this (as Chekhov I could move a single die from one Alert to another, which I found very powerful). Certain Alerts have special aspects, like Time (requiring the use of an hourglass, which is included) or Prime Directive, meaning that any Alerts completed before the Prime Directive Alert is failed instead.

What you get is a problem solving game where each crew member uses his or her unique talents to address the issues as they rise…much like the TV show.

I would need to play more instances to get a real opinion, as the game moved and finished very quickly. However, if you’re a Star Trek fan and want something close to the

Original Series, rather than the current Abramsverse, this will probably scratch that itch.


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