CONdensed LIVE from GenCon: Thoughts on Rick & Morty, Mister Meeseeks Box o’ Fun

*Photos and article by: Dylan Terry

It’s little surprise that there was a long wait to try this one out, but I was lucky enough to catch a spot at the table for a demo pretty early.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging; if you’re a fan of Rick & Morty the name Mister Meeseeks probably recalls memories of shrieking blue creatures, who experience existence as constant agony. Mister Meeseek’s Box o’ Fun fittingly resembles the eponymous item from the show: a blue and grey cube with a button on top that recites one of sixteen phrases from the episode featuring everyone’s favorite blue slave.


The game itself is very simple: each player has a Request which needs fulfilling, represented by a single card with some dice on it. You roll five dice, place them on the appropriate spots (roll a 2 and place it on the 2 spot; roll two 3s and place them on the card). If you don’t roll the correct numbers you draw a Meeseeks card, which could provide a needed number…if you fulfill the request on the card.

These requests were obviously designed for home play. There was little chance I was going to roll around on the floor like a snake for some points, but I was perfectly willing to improvise the plot of a Two Brothers movie for 30 seconds.


To mirror the scene in the show where the Meeseeks go crazy, there’s the possibility that if you draw too many and can’t fulfill your requests, they turn on you. While this didn’t happen in my game, the mechanics did an admirable job of evoking the TV show’s zaniness.

Perfect for a fan of the TV show. Those who don’t watch the Adult Swim cartoon may be lost in the gonzo atmosphere the game generates as people start reciting the script in shrieking, pitchless voices, but if you’re looking for a goofy, light game you can play with some beers, this would be a good place to start.

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