Game Review: Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice

Ages: 8+
# of players: 2-99
Length: 10-20 minutes

Nerd skills:

  • Risk/Reward Management

Imagine being a zombie: hunting for brains and chasing down the survivors.  
Zombie Dice lets you be a zombie in a tight little short game.  But being a zombie isn’t always the best – there are humans also hunting you down, and if you get shot too many times, you’re not going to make it.

Zombie Dice is a very simple game that both adults and children will love.  You’re a zombie trying to collect 13 brains over a series of rounds.  On your turn, you draw three of the 13 dice and roll them.  You have the option of keeping all the brains on the dice and finishing your turn, or drawing three more dice and continue to press your luck.  There are three different faces of the dice, and three different colors.  One of the die faces is a brain – which is worth one point! Another one is a shotgun blast – if you collect three of these over the course of the round, you die!  Additionally, there are a couple of footsteps – which means you have to roll that die the next time you roll.  The three colors are indicative of the amount of shotgun blasts on the dice – red being the most brutal, followed by yellow, and finally, green.

Zombie Dice is very easy to play and very quick.  It’s a fun little game to play when you just want to get one more game in, without being too invested.  The theme is pretty cool and the stakes can get pretty nerve-wracking.  6.5/10

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