Get Bit! New Release Game Review

By: Brian Titus


The name of the game is staying afloat, with all your limbs that is.  The object of Get Bit! is to be the last player swimming.  Each player chooses a color character and receives 5 cards.  Characters are aligned in front of the shark in one row and as the game continues players reveal one card from their hand.  The numbers on the cards determine the order in which the players are from the shark.  Player closest to the shark loses a limb.

Slowly limbs are taken from players, if you have none left you are out of the game.  Cards that tie with each other do not move in the line.  It all ends when two players are left and the player farthest from the shark wins.


This is a great, quick 20 minute game that keeps you laughing as limbs go flying.  Get Bit! makes for a fun and entertaining game in a group setting.  It is all about guessing the number on the card that other people are playing.  This game is currently on the “New Releases” game shelf at 3&UP Board Game Lounge!  Stop in and play a game with us.

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