New Arrivals

Even with nearly 1,200 board games at 3&UP Lounge, we still can’t resist purchasing new games for our members and guests to experience. If you’re anything like us, the temptation of buying and playing a new board game just never seems to stop. There’s something mildly addicting about opening up a brand new game: touching all the pieces still in perfect condition, breaking open the crisp rule book, and laying out the glossy game board.

We are very particular when it comes to choosing what new games to bring into the lounge. We look for a variety of different games that appeal to all of our guests. Additionally, we make sure the games are current, exciting, and have received excellent reviews and ratings from top board game experts like BoardGameGeek.

We just came back from this St. Patrick’s Day with a pretty decent haul, so check out what we got! We will be slowly releasing these into our collection… because a little temptation never hurt anyone!

Codenames is currently one of the most popular group party games out there. It’s a team versus team setup where a designated Spymaster of each group is responsible for giving out hints in hopes that their team members can guess  the correct codenames. But be careful, if you give the wrong hints, your team might accidentally guess the other teams codenames!

Archaeology is a card game all about discovering lost Egyptian treasures and selling them to museums for money. Search through piles of parchments, broken pots, and other priceless artifacts. The more cards you collect of the same item, the more money you can sell them for at the museum. Archaeology is exciting to play. It’s quick-action nature keeps things lively and always changing.

If you think playing one game at a time is tricky, try playing seven! In Red7, the object of the game changes every time a player puts a new card down, but the ultimate rule of the game? Highest card wins! Red7 is a great family game because it’s easy to catch onto and addicting to play.

Awkward Turtle
What happens when Cards Against Humanity and Taboo have a baby? Awkward Turtle is born. Dirty minds, unite!

The Hare & the Tortoise
A  great game for friends and families, The Hare & the Tortoise is a betting game about animals racing. Each player secretly places a bet in the beginning on the animals they’re counting on to win the race. Then the real fun begins — strategically playing different animal cards to get them ahead of the pack. As our manager, Alex, puts it, “this game is just delightful.”

One of the most popular two player strategy games right now, Patchwork does not disappoint. The directions are super user-friendly, and the game itself is beautifully designed. Purchase different patches in order to build a quilt that fills up your entire grid for the most points at the end.

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