Two-Player Games at 3&Up

Though we’re making a point to get this post out in time for Valentine’s day, we assume it will become a very useful ongoing list for those who come marching two-by-two (hurrah, hurrah…) anytime in the future.

Board games are great to revolve a date night around. They involve creativity, healthy competition, your brains… not to mention they tend to make players forget about their phones for a few hours. Besides–we can’t think of a better way to see how short your date’s fuse is! Will they end up on the Poor-Losers pole? Maybe it’s best to let that guy go…

Without further ado, let’s get on with a few of OUR favorite games that work with just two players. These games will vary in experience level, but let’s be honest; the best games are going to be a little bit more involved than Sorry! (though you might argue that was the first game that helped decide the length of some past relationships). If you see a game here that you think you’ll need some help with when you show up with your Valentine, just ask an employee for help.

pic1904079An all-time favorite here, Splendor will have you collecting precious gems and using them to buy development cards and acquire prestige points. Easy to learn and addicting to play, you and your date might find yourself going best out of three.

Can’t Stoppic1046518Press your luck in a game of Can’t Stop, and an old school favorite. Roll the dice to move markers up different rows on the board and be the first person to claim three columns. It’s a relatively quick game, making it great for going best out of three (or 5…or 7… or 50…)

hanabiHanabi is a fun as it looks! You and your date will be working together to build a beautiful firework display. You’ll each get a hand of cards to work with, but there’s a catch: your hand must face outwards towards the other player. This game is all about teamwork and trust. If you can lead each other to play the right cards, you’ll end up with a beautiful rainbow of fireworks!

71lfaot6sal-_sx522_Mastermind is guaranteed to get your brain muscles a-workin’. It’s a code-breaking game where one person will secretly create a “code” with the colored pegs. The other person has to use logic and deduction to attempt to recreate the code within a certain amount of tries. Think you can read what your date is thinking?

Timeline Games
cropped-20151129_131236.jpgFind out who the real genius in the relationship is. Timeline Games have all different genres including Inventions, Historical Events, American History, and more. The goal is to play all your cards in the correct order that the events actually happened in. Warning: Bragging rights will proudly be flaunted by the winner.

Castle Panic
61co7b2sgcl-_sy355_Sometimes too much competition can be a little exhausting, which is where Castle Panic comes in: it’s a cooperative board game! Work together to defend your castle from monsters storming in from the nearby forest. You’ll have to put your brains together for this one!

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