Game Review: Ticket to Ride

pic38668Ticket to Ride

Ages: 8+
# of players: 2-5
Length: ~60 minutes

Nerd skills:

  • Strategy and Long-Term Planning
  • Hand Management
  • Risk/Reward Strategy

Ticket to Ride
is more than just a Beatles song; it may have singlehandedly brought back the popularity of board games.  Released in 2004 to critical acclaim, Ticket to Ride is one of the most popular light strategy games in the world!

The objective of the game is pretty easy: build routes between cities to score points.  To start, each person is dealt some colored train cards and some destination tickets.  The tickets are routes that connect two cities, for example, Los Angeles to New York, and are worth points based on how long and difficult the routes are to make.  On your turn, you have three different options: collect more colored train cards, collect more destination tickets, or build a section of your route.  You can only do one of these per turn though, so you need to have careful planning.  You use one of the eight colors in the game to build a route; for example, one needs 2 green cards to build from Chicago to Pittsburg.  If you have those 2 cards, you can build the route, if not then you may want to consider drawing more cards or building a different route.


When one person is down to 2 trains (of 45), then everyone has one last turn and the game ends.  You then reveal all your destination tickets, if you connected those cities, you get the points written on the card, if you failed to connect those cities, you lose that many points!  Whoever has the longest consecutive train route also gains an additional 10 points.  Whoever has the highest amount of points at the end of the game, wins!

Ticket to Ride is an incredible game.  It’s simple enough to play with children, but fun enough for literally anyone to enjoy.  Everyone I played this game with loved it and it’s one of my favorite “intro” games out there.  9.5/10

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