Game Review: Coloretto



Ages: 8+
# of players: 3-5
Length: ~30 minutes

Nerd skills:

  • Strategy
  • Hand Management
  • Risk/Reward Management

Based partially on the award-winning Zooleretto, Coloretto is an easy to learn card game for people of all ages.  I LOVE teaching Coloretto.  It’s such an interesting and short strategy game that is great for families.  Being a 2-5 player game, this game is very flexible and the artwork is super cool looking.

The game has a simple premise – collect as many of any three of the eight colors as you can.  The twist is that for every color after your most popular three, you start to lose points.  The gameplay is rather simple; either take a row of chameleons, or play a chameleon from the top of the deck.  Each row of chameleons can only have a maximum of three cards, so the hunt for your cards really starts to get intense.  There are a couple other cards as well – cards that just give you +2 points, and a “wild” card that can be used for any color.  After the game ends, you count your three highest colors, and subtract any other colors and whoever has the highest amount of points wins!
Coloretto is pretty easy to play, but it takes a bit to really sink your teeth into the surprisingly deep level of strategy.  I enjoy the gameplay of this game a lot; it’s very fast and engaging.  It’s definitely a game to play if you really want to get one more game in before you go on to something else.  It’s quick, strategic and fun.  8/10.

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