Game Review: Tsuro


Ages: 8+
# of players: 2-8
Length: 20 minutes

Nerd Skills:
– hand management
– forward-thinking
– strategy

Tsuro is one of the first games I learned when I joined the 3&Up team. It is also one of those games that completely took me by surprise. The board looked…weird, and during my first turn I did not understand how this game could be fun. However! Not only is this game very easy to learn and play, it involves a surprising amount of strategy, especially if you’re playing with more than three people.

tsuro (1)

The board consists of a grid of squares in which the path tiles sit. The tiles have four different paths on them, with two entry/exit spots per side. To begin the game, each player places their marker on any tick mark along any side of the grid and picks up 3 tiles. Once a player places a tile in front of their marker, they move it (and any other affected markers) immediately to the end of the path. (Note: you may not make a “turn” while moving across a tile. Basically, just follow the line you start on and ignore any intersecting paths.) At the end of your turn, draw a new tile. Hand size is limited to 3.

The object of the game is to be the last one remaining on the board. This is the fun part: if you–OR ONE OF YOUR OPPONENTS!–place a tile whose path leads you off the edge of the board, you’re out! You don’t want to meet another player on the same path, either. You will run into each other and explode or something. Both of you are out. (This is why I recommend playing this game with a crowded board; the more players there are, the more likely your tiles are to affect their paths and vice versa, and the riskier every placement gets). Trust me, it’s fun like that. It’ll make you want to keep playing “one more time” until you’re the winner.


This game might not look very exciting but it definitely has a way of drawing people to it, gamers and non-gamers alike. It’s a great filler game or perfect for when you’re looking for a bit of strategy and don’t have a lot of time. Tsuro has an extremely quick set-up, and even though it’s such a simple game, it will take you on a journey as you try to evade your opponents and manage your hand in a way that won’t lead you off the board on a later turn. This game gets an 8/10 from me.


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