Game Review: Sleeping Queens

# of Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Length: about 20 min.
Nerd Skills:

  • Hand management
  • Basic math
  • Memory

Fun Fact: This whimsical card game was created by six-year-old Miranda Evarts and her family!

This game, great for all card players, involves a wonderful world of fantasy, where kings wake up slumbering queens, knights try to steal them, and potions put the lovely ladies back to sleep! Luckily, Miranda also provided our kingdoms with defenses to protect our fair royalty. A dragon can be played to stop a knight and a magic wand will immediately reverse the effects of a sleeping potion. The Jester allows you to take a card from the pile: if it’s special, like the cards mentioned above, add it to your hand and take another turn. If not, then count out the number on the card, starting with yourself and moving clockwise around the circle of players. Whoever it lands on gets to wake up a queen, and your turn is over. The queens themselves are a lot of fun too! They all have a ‘value’ places in the upper, right-hand corner. The first player to 50 points in queens, or 5 queens total, wins the game. But there is one last thing about these lovely ladies to note: the rose queen is oh-so-lonely, so when you wake her up, remember to wake up a second queen to keep her company! Finally, number cards don’t do anything, you simply discard it, pick up a new card, and end your turn. But, if you can make a math equation with any, or all, of your cards, you may discard those involved in the problem, and replace them with the same number of cards from the pile. Just make sure there is always five cards in your hand. I know these rules sound a bit overwhelming, but I promise upon playing, you’ll pick them up pretty quickly and get lost in the whimsy along the way! Solid 10/10 from me.


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